Why you need cover

Anyone who owns a vehicle should consider investing in an extended warranty.

As cars become even more complex the cost of repair becomes higher and higher. For example a very popular 2018 BMW 318i sport with a 1.5 litre petrol engine:

Supply and fit one ABS Wheel Speed Sensor will be in the region of £229.08 #                                                               

Supply and fit a replacement water pump will be in the region of £442.09 #

# Prices shown are for parts, labour and VAT. Prices may be more depending on whether the parts are OEM or a motor factor supplied and the hourly labour rate applied.


A typical car manufacturers warranty offers bumper-to-bumper coverage for 3 years, with a mileage limitation. A few manufacturer warranties cover you for longer, but they still fall short of more than 100,000 miles that the average car owner can expect to put on their vehicle over the course of its lifetime.

Similarly, although they usually have much lower mileage than cars, motorcycles and motorhomes, typically have just 2 years of mechanical and electrical factory cover from new.

An extended vehicle warranty is exactly what it sounds like: It acts as an extension to the original manufacturer’s warranty. In a nutshell, it will cover your vehicle after your original warranty runs out, giving you that extra peace of mind.

Remember, full comprehensive insurance, which allows you to drive on the road, generally doesn’t cover repairs that are due to mechanical or electrical failures. It covers damage caused by collisions and environmental factors, so don’t think that you’re in the clear, just because you have this type of insurance policy. If you want full financial peace of mind, an extended vehicle warranty is what you need. Considering that vehicle repairs become more likely and more frequent as a vehicle ages, it’s worthwhile to invest in an extended warranty that will cover your vehicle in its later years when the repair bills typically start to pile up.

Protect your car’s value

Whilst the average length of time that a car stays with an owner is 3 years it is a major selling point to be able to include a Comprehensive Extended Warranty when advertising your car for sale. If you plan on selling your vehicle after a few years, a transferable Mechanical Breakdown Insurance contract will make your vehicle much more appealing to potential buyers.


Insured warranties for cars, vans, motorcycles, motorhomes and touring caravans.